Stock Up on Specialty Local Meats

Treat yourself to a ribeye or some fresh jerky

You can get a lot when you visit your local butcher. Legendary Meats is proud to provide lean, delicious meat for everyone in the Center, ND area. We are known for being one of the cleanest and friendliest butchers in the area, so choosing us is a no-brainer! You can come to us to pick up the beef or pork you want to cook for dinner this week. We do it all.

Contact us today to find out more about the services we offer.

You and your family deserve the best

You shouldn't have to settle for freezer-burned patties from the supermarket. We go the extra mile by providing premium cuts of beef, a variety of bratwurst and high-quality steak. You'll have everyone's mouths watering at your next cookout.

Trust us to help you out with what you need. You can visit our location for:

  • Sausage, jerky and steaks
  • Custom meat prep and processing
  • Livestock processing and freezing
  • Wild game processing services
  • Specialty meats

Call 701-794-8890 now to order from our meat market.

Why should you come to Legendary Meats?

Our local, family-owned business is committed to serving up quality meats for our whole community. We have amazing products that will keep you coming back again and again. The whole family is incredibly knowledgeable about the work that we do. We've been in the meat industry for over 25 years.

You can walk in to purchase meat from us or schedule a pickup. We also have gift cards available.